"We have been with ABS for nearly 15 years. I know they work in a frustrating and sometimes difficult environment in a daily effort to provide our cash flow for operations. We have been very satisfied over the years."

Quote Lawrence Hazen, DO, Managing Partner Andersen Eye Associates, Saginaw, Michigan


We have been in the Health Care Billing Business for 31 years. Without a doubt, the great fear of making a change causes groups to “stay with the status-quo” and maintain costly underperforming in-house billing departments and outside billing services. We understand this fear, and it’s our job to assure you that transition is a good word! In fact, in most every transition client we have contracted with over the years their cash flow has actually increased over the 3-6 month transition period, where ABS is starting up and former company/ department is “winding down”. Nothing to fear!


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