"ABS has been providing billing services to our group for 22 years. That statement alone indicates we have significant confidence in their abilities."

Quote Jeffery Herman, MD, President, Midland Radiology Associates


Six Questions you need to ask about a billing service for your Radiology, Pathology or other Specialty practice.

1.  Does your billing service specialize in Radiology or Pathology?

You specialize. We specialize in Radiology and Pathology.

Your benefit…
You can count on experienced professionals at ABS to bill for your practice. We work with you, your department and the hospital to confirm and monitor the accuracy of patient information and the procedures you performed.

We respond quickly to changing Radiology and Pathology billing developments. We immediately incorporate updates to comply with all governmental, BCBS and secondary billing mandates.

Because of our specialization, we can share our in-depth knowledge of issues and trends as it relates to your specialty. We are able to make recommendations and provide you with data to compare your fees to the “Radiology / Pathology marketplace.” You benefit from state norms - information which helps to position your account for maximized reimbursement.

2.  Does your billing service represent your own professional image and standards?

You have high professional standards. We focus on developing our staff to share these standards.

Your benefit…
ABS is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest standard of coding. The Radiology Coding Certification Board (RCCB) promotes the highest standards of radiology coding through their credentialing of radiology coders. Certification demonstrates a commitment and interest in providing only the highest quality radiology coding in compliance with federal regulations. ABS is proud to represent your practice with the services of our three RCCB certified coders.

Our entire team is professional, carefully-trained and knowledgeable. We are committed to personal growth and professional development through team-building, attending medical associations and legislative forums, and specific technical training.

3.  Does your billing service have a management team with in-house Certified Public Accountants?

Advanced imaging techniques help you provide the most accurate diagnosis for your patients. Similarly, the financial strength of CPA managers, state-of-the-art technology and automated procedures help us to deliver the best comprehensive services for you.

Your benefit…
Whatever the size of your practice, at ABS you receive the support and depth of a highly trained financial team.

Our CPA managers establish audit trails and recommend management tools to ensure the integrity of the billing data we are responsible to capture.

4.  Can your billing service guarantee 72 hour data entry turnaround, increase you collections and reduce average days in the payment cycle?

You need a service which can do all three.

Your benefit…
At ABS, we can assure 72 hour entry and billing turnaround from receipt of your data. Your billing does not sit in inventory.

We increase your collections and reduce average days in the payment cycle through:

Increased Patient Access

Intensive Follow-Up

  • We allocate significant resources to follow up patient accounts.
  • Intensive follow-up generates more cash flow.
  • Our average collection rate, after contractuals, consistently beats the annual RBMA statistics.

5.  Do you know, by name, the representative who handles your account?

You need the ability to speak directly with the person who can handle your questions. We provide a personal contact and a knowledgeable team who always handles your account.

Your benefit…
At ABS your questions and concerns are personally answered. Monthly statistical reports are followed by scheduled personal contacts to discuss your account status and significant trends.

The same team works with your account; they are familiar with your requirements, improving efficiency, accuracy and consistency.

6.  If you still do in-house billing, could you save time and money, and eliminate frustration by using ABS?

Yes! We offer more than a billing service - and for less than your total cost of billing operations.

Your benefit…
We are experienced health care billing specialists with knowledge of trends and a state-wide range of contacts with many Radiologists, Pathologists and other specialists.

We can save you money and time. Challenge us to compare our fees to your overall billing expenses. Let ABS be responsible for your billing operation while you concentrate on quality patient care.

Count on us to be innovative in finding solutions to your change-over concerns.

During this time, there is no problem with compromised cash flow. Instead, our “72-hour inventory policy” will likely increase your cash flow during transition.

Talk to us about the ease of change-over, and how we can make your reports better tools to assess, guide and build your specialty practice.

Ask about our fee structure. It can vary, based on volume, payor mix and data sources. Our billing fees are a percentage of your collections. We are paid on performance.

ABS is your best choice for your Health Care Billing, with special emphasis in the Radiology and Pathology markets.

We have a record of solid, controlled growth built by referrals. Depend on ABS to represent you with the expertise and professionalism you demand. Let us show you why we specialize - and how you benefit.


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