"The monthly report package we receive is concise, easy to understand, and allows us to effectively evaluate our performance as well as ABS's."

Quote Dan Wunderlich, MD, Midland Pathology Associates


As is tradition in this industry, ABS is paid based on a percentage of collections. We are paid on performance. Our clients receive an invoice on a monthly basis. This invoice is generated at the conclusion of ABS processing the client’s Month-End Reporting Package. This package and invoice is typically transmitted to the responsible parties (client) via email for payment within 10 days.

We take the following data into consideration when we offer a bid for services to a perspective client:     

  • payor mix
  • quality of interface that we can develop at a site (hospital based client group)
  • quality / access to client internal management
  • number and type of procedures
  • local economic issues / major employers
  • specialty

In general, our fees range from 5.9%-8% of collections

There are cases where we discount Global Billing.


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